Reasons to take IEMA FCEM

The world is on a mission: Governments, businesses and communities are being asked to show their commitment to a greener future and promote sustainable development conversations.


The question is – how do we do it?

Unless your company has an environmental strategy, you are unlikely to have been given the proper tools/support to help solve these global challenges. That's why the IEMA Foundation Certificate is so popular. It teaches you the fundamentals of environmental sustainability so you can help reduce the impact that your company has on the environment.

The IEMA Foundation Certificate gives a comprehensive understanding of the entire sustainability schedule. Learners are frequently surprised by the number of topics they manage to cover.

You will discover:

  • Core environmental principles (natural cycles, ecosystems, pollution, climate change, human intervention)

  • Sustainability and megatrends

  • Policy and legislation

  • Environmental management systems

  • Environmental pollution

  • Performance evaluation

  • Management and assessment tools

  • Communication and the management of change.

Upon completion of the course, you will have both the confidence and understanding of environmental and sustainability knowledge; this will enable you to supercharge your organisation into a greener future and all the benefits that it comes with.

Here are 4 more reasons why you should consider the IEMA Foundation Certificate as your next qualification.

Help improve sustainability

The IEMA Foundation Certificate covers the entire sustainability agenda and how our day-to-day actions contribute to it. And it does it in 5 days!

You'll learn all about things like climate change, ecosystems, pollution, environmental management systems and sustainability trends. By the end of the course, you will have a clear idea of what you can do to reduce the impact of your company's activities and help them contribute to a more sustainable approach in line with the 'green revolution. 

Environment Pollution
Sustainable Energy

Help your company become more profitable.

Speaking of reducing impact, did you know that companies with environmental sustainability strategies are often more profitable?

Of course, the number one benefit of sustainable business is that it keeps the local and global communities clean and green. We should all do our bit to help protect the planet for future generations. Most organisations that adopt and implement sustainable practices almost immediately notice a reduction in their energy requirement. And by working more efficiently, they can also reduce waste and reduce their carbon footprint. All this helps them save money and improve their reputation with suppliers and the local community. 

Join local and regional campaigns

The world is changing rapidly because of climate change, and it is commonly accepted that action/change must happen now in all industries globally to prevent irreversible damage to our planet and everything within it. This poses many challenges, politically, socially and legally. Many regions have campaigns that are aligned to the global challenge.


e.g #WeAreCommitted campaign. Environmental sustainability is on the rise across the Middle East with development strategies like UAE Vision 2021, UAE National Climate Change Plan 2050 and UAE Energy Plan 2050. #WeAreCommitted is a campaign urging governments, businesses and communities to show a commitment to a sustainable future. By taking the IEMA Foundation Certificate, you'll be aligned with some of the middle east region's top leaders taking action.


Progress your career

Companies all over the world recognise IEMA as the leading professional body for the environment and sustainability. With an IEMA suffix, you'll be able to show potential employers that you have what it takes to make a difference. IEMA has a clearly defined skills map that matches their training courses with professional membership.


The IEMA Foundation Certificate will allow you to apply for Associate Membership of IEMA (AIEMA), the entry point for building a career in environment and sustainability. Aside from being recognised for your knowledge and skills achieved from the course, you will also be able to access exclusive publications and events to help you stay up-to-day on all things environmental.