IEMA Training

Considerations when choosing a training provider for your IEMA course.

Before choosing an online course, please consider whether it is the best learning format for you. 

  • Your availability – What is your availability? Are you being given time within work to learn, or do you need to fit it around your home/personal responsibilities? How flexible are you? Do you have a deadline to complete the qualification?​ ​

  • Your preferred learning styles - Is online going to achieve your goal. At Safety Nation, you get a lot more than just the online course - the option of utilising this hybrid approach to learning is great for those that have other commitments.

Deciding on a suitable training provider is essential. Safety Nation is proud to offer much more than just the course content.  Comparatively, we are a small training provider, and that is the way we like it. It means that we concentrate and prioritise quality over quantity, thus ensuring our learners excel theoretically and practically. Our support services are modern and straightforward; get involved in our weekly evening 'live' virtual sessions, request one to one support, or chat directly with our approved tutor.  

At Safety Nation, we embrace technology to enhance the learning experience and are passionate about training.  

  • The trainer or training company - this is probably the most important factor. Our advice is to talk to your trainer and ensure that you are 100% comfortable with them and before committing your money. It is always best to ensure that you are confident that you will get the quality support needed. The IEMA website is an excellent source of all potential online providers, including Safety Nation; please ensure that you only use an IEMA approved provider to ensure you receive the quality you deserve. 

  • Studying the IEMA Foundation Certificate online offers you a very flexible study method, which has become such an essential consideration for everyone's busy and sometimes restrictive lives.

  • If you are familiar with studying online, you know the essential features of saving time, money and energy. If you have never tried online learning, please see below to ensure it is right for you.

IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management Online

What do I need?

You need to have access to a device such as a PC or a laptop, tablet or smartphone, all with internet access. The recommended study time is a minimum of 40 hours. However, be prepared to dedicate a little more than this; the reality is it may well take a little longer - everyone is different and learns at different speeds. Our online course will be hosted on our Learning Management System (LMS); this is the portal where you access your course. All materials are accessible within the LMS and course.

Is online learning comprehensive, interesting and easy to use?

Yes, absolutely. You can expect lots of multimedia support such as videos, links to articles, talks and discussions, and interactive activities. There is additional support from our chatroom, live chat sessions, or you can directly request some one-to-one support.


 Remember, we are here to serve and excel in delivering your learning requirements. Your online IEMA Foundation Certificate is modern, fresh and easy to use, with many additional resources for every topic available at your fingertips.

commitments. You decide on the time and place of study, and you can access the course whenever you want and study from the comfort and ease of your home. Delivery of the online IEMA Foundation course will always cost less than a

Convenient and affordable education

The flexibility of studying online is hugely beneficial for people who have to juggle work and family or have other

traditional classroom-based course. You will naturally save without having any of the affiliated travel and subsistence costs.

The 'green' or eco-friendly way to learn

Studying your IEMA Foundation online is a more environmentally friendly approach to learning. You are reducing your carbon footprint as you will be using less energy and paper resources - all of which reduce your impact on the environment.