COSHH Awareness Training

COSHH Awareness Training

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Course Objectives:

Delegates will be briefed on the importance of procedures, safe handling and risk assessment of hazardous substances within their organisation. At the conclusion of the course, delegates will have a sound understanding of their personal and legal responsibilities for the control of chemical and hazardous substances.

The COSHH Awareness course will cover relevant issues likely to affect persons using chemicals and harmful substances including:


Course Content:

Topics covered on the course include:

  • COSHH regulations and principles
  • Undertaking a suitable COSHH risk assessment and identifying controls
  • The need for safe use and storage of hazardous substances (including PPE)
  • Preparing and maintaining records (including Material Safety Data Sheets)
  • Undertaking appropriate training
  • Health surveillance

Who Should Attend?

The COSHH Awareness course is aimed at people who deal with hazardous substances on a day to day basis.


1/2 day

(Minimum of 10 delegates)