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Safety Simplified; an introduction to health and safety.

In just three days this new course, created by NEBOSH, will give you practical, real-life skills to manage and improve health and safety in any workplace. It’s relevant to any business, in any sector utilising real life case studies and cutting edge learning practices.

Learning is fun and engaging using high quality resources and the latest augmented reality technology.

Employers will see the benefits of the training in improved efficiencies, such as fewer days lost through illness and accidents.

Who is it for? 


Safety Simplified will give you invaluable knowledge and skills that will help you improve safety in your workplace.

This three-day course is:

  • Relevant to every workplace, in any sector

  • Suitable for employees at any level as an introduction to occupational safety and health

  • Perfect for those with responsibility for, or an interest in, health and safety. 


According to the Health and Safety Executive, workplace injuries and ill-health cost UK businesses over £15 billion per year. To go home safely at the end of the working day is a right, not a privilege. NEBOSH courses and qualifications are trusted by organisations around the world to help them create a safer workplace and improved safety culture.


After studying Safety Simplified, employees will have fresh ideas and practical tips to start making improvements straight away. Safety Simplified will help organisations to:

  • Reduce incident and injury rates, and the associated lost time, absence, reputational damage and cost

  • Build greater health and safety awareness amongst employees

  • Increase employee engagement and participation to go beyond basic compliance with organisational safety measures

  • Make working relationships between health and safety leaders and employees more effective and collaborative

  • Improve morale and lower staff turnover.

What will I know and do?

What will I know?

On completion of the Safety Simplified course, learners will:


  • Understand the reasons for, and benefits of, managing health and safety.

  • Have an improved understanding of organisational safety measures.

  • Understand how to help prevent incidents recurring.

  • Appreciate the purpose of inspections and audits.

  • Know how to contribute to supporting health and safety practices and create a better working environment for everyone.

What will I be able to do?

As a robust introduction to occupational safety and health, Safety Simplified will give you key practical skills to take into the workplace:

  • Understand and implement a simple risk assessment.

  • Stop incidents from repeating themselves; a four-step approach to investigations.

  • Identify and manage common workplace hazards, including workplace equipment, manual handling, stress and more.

  • Keep an eye on how things are going; understanding audits, inspections and how to learn from good or bad practice.

How is it assessed?

There are no formal examinations for Safety Simplified. Learners will be assessed through a multi-format test as part of the course. This will include a risk assessment.


Results are marked by Safety Nation and once submitted certificates will be issued. You should expect to receive them within 2 weeks. You may receive provisional results before this.

What does it cost and how long does it take?

How long does it take?

The required teaching time for this course is 18 hours. This is 3 days when delivered as a face-to-face training course. ​



3 Days - that's it!

How much does it cost?

£1500 + VAT

  • All NEBOSH costs (registration, examination & certification

  • Lunch and refreshments

  • All Textbooks and bespoke folder


Your only costs are travel and acomodation (if required)