Our Ethos

Safety Nation has been established with leading health and safety experts. We go further than other training establishments in order to be or at least aspire to be the industry leaders in quality of both delivery and customer service.

This is achieved by ensuring that all delegates be are not only fully conversant with the syllabuses of the course being taken, but also that they will be able to apply the principles within their own workplace. This is implemented utilising cutting edge and modern teaching methods that are much more than just the traditional PowerPoint presentations, we practice various teaching/training exercises that diversify memory retention and crucially allow individuals of all academic abilities to relate health and safety principles specifically to their workplace. All this achieved in venues across the UK and Middle East that are themselves cutting edge, economical and designed for an optimum learning environment.

We also pride ourselves on offering a unique voluntary evening service that allows the trainers to structure discussions and activities to cement the principles and details expected for the employer needs and this aids in bringing together the learning experience. 


Students gain knowledge, skills and competence through the detailed exploration of the syllabus and the integration of genuine case studies (including current cases); immersed in the appreciation of fundamental concepts and developing the ability to work from key principles from the outset.


Well employers require effective competent safety practitioners that can apply legal duties to any workplace scenario from basic principles, employees whom can independently undertake research on topics beyond their knowledge, can confidently determine suitable and sufficient risk control measures that are sensible and proportionate to the risks, and can then justify any additional costs to senior management. 


Our qualifications and training methods are modern and directly relevant to the needs of both students and employers. Employers desire people who are able to apply their knowledge and skills to modern working environments, rather than able to recite facts and theories:
  • The majority of UK employees now work in the services sectors 
  • The litigation and corporate risk landscape has evolved significantly over recent years
  • Students benefit from a dynamic training approach but can additionally experience problem-based learning, so not only do you get the gold standard qualification with NEBOSH and IOSH (internationally recognised) but it can now be delivered in ways to better their understanding and application of the knowledge gained.